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Local Health Case Study

At Glasgow the Caring City we believe that children’s health is one of the most fundamental concerns not only to those families living in the world’s worst situations but also to families living right here in Scotland. With this in mind Glasgow the Caring City works in partnership with local youth organisations such as, Grassroots Glasgow, that work to actively promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in children and young people.

By helping to support these sorts of organisations, Glasgow the Caring City seeks, not only to give children in crisis an opportunity to escape a dangerous cycle but also to give young people a healthy and sustainable lifestyle alternative, getting more kids outside engaging in team sports and exercise. This is an incredibly important part of Glasgow the Caring City’s overall strategy for helping children across Scotland and is something which we are incredibly committed to maintaining.

International Health Case Study

At Glasgow the Caring City we recognise that football, in all its forms, is a massive part of people’s lives, particularly here in Glasgow. With this in mind one of our most successful international projects revolves around “the beautiful game”. The football for life program provides much needed stability to children living in crisis situations across South Africa.

High level football coaches from some of the world’s biggest clubs provide not only football coaching but also act as a stable and reliable contact point for some of the youngest and most vulnerable members of society.

The results are already becoming clear with teenage pregnancies falling amongst the female participants of the project. Young children like Lucas and Morgan are learning to be healthy socially aware team mates and these small but tangible differences are helping to reform much damaged parts of South African society. Football is one of the worlds most popular sports, poverty is one of the worlds biggest issues; football4life is the logical solution.

Disaster Health Case Study

On Friday 11th March 2011, 9-year old Ayako's world changed forever. A vast and terrifying tsunami hit her local city in Miyagi with relentless force, crushing her home and leaving her badly injured and stranded with little hope of seeing her family again.

For almost two days, Ayako sat shivering, cold and wet, huddling with strangers in an attempt to keep warm and stay alive. Thanks to Glasgow the Caring City and our international disaster relief partnership we were quickly able to support her by providing warmth, shelter, medicine and love.

Thankfully, we were able to patch up Ayako’s wounds, relieve her stifling hunger and keep her warm under her new blanket. These provisions meant that she stayed alive over the ensuing days until she was eventually reunited with her family. She has now been re-located and is rebuilding her life again – a life she owes to the generous support of Scotland's people.

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