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Home Sweet Home

As some of you may have read in recent weeks, Glasgow the Caring City has been challenging a change of Council policy in order to remain at our Castlemilk home.
Due to a newly introduced Council strategic property policy, Glasgow Caring City was facing a short term bill of £18,000 followed by ongoing payments amounting to close on £80,000 to remain in the current suite of facilities at Linn Park Industrial Estate.
We are delighted to inform you that following much hard work and long negotiations with our local authority, Glasgow’s own aid agency will continue to do vital work for children in crisis both here in Scotland and across the world, from our base here in Castlemilk.
In a move that threatened the stability of operations at Glasgow the Caring City; we ultimately negotiated a deal for commonsense and came to a suitable arrangement for business continuity.
Furthermore, as well as achieving our priority of continuity at Unit 12 Linn Park Industrial Estate, we are expanding in to new high-tech state of the art facilities located on the M74 business corridor in association with one of our recycling partners, Recatex.
This will enable us to continue our logistics operations from a purpose built facility while reducing our overall fuel and travel bill, and complying with health & safety regulations, meaning more children in crisis will receive the help and support they need.
Despite substantial stress over the past few months we can now safely say that Glasgow the Caring City, in association with Glasgow City Council, will continue to flourish from our home at Unit 12 Linn Park Ind. Est.

No More Food or Toys

Due to strategic changes to our facilities and operations we will no longer be able to accept donations of toys (*unless brand-new) and food.
In order to comply with storage conditions and chain of custody practices for consumables foodstuffs, we must decline all offers of items which do not meet our standards.
This does not affect commercial donations which comply with chain of custody conditions.
As for toys; we apologize, but due to storage issues and the vast number of toys we receive on a daily basis we cannot accept any more donations. Regulations for shipping limit the number of such items we can ship to our projects and, in addition, as many of the plastic components are not recyclable they will ultimately lead to the waste burden on local communities which is unethical.

Scotland's £2 Manifesto

Launch Date: Tues, 3rd May 2011. Venue: Donald Dewar Monument, top of Buchanan Street

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Give a Kid a Goal

Graduation Ceremony 2010 'Give a Kid a Goal'
Tuesday 8th. June 2010
Cathcart Old Campus Building
Cathcart Old Church 119 Carmunnock Road
7.00pm. (Doors Open 6.30pm)
Tickets at a premium apply soon!
Tel: 0141 637 4168 or E-mail:

Classroom Group

347 Young People will graduate from this year's Give a Kid a Goal Project a statistic which has both encouraged and inspired all who have been involved in the special relationship and bond that's been created with these remarkable youngsters.
From the schools mentioned below 'The Kids' have all gone on a educational adventure which at times really challenged their imagination and brought out the best of the wonderful talents encountered. They faced up to the challenges of poverty both here in Scotland and Abroad in Developing Nations including the Disaster in Haiti. They tackled the subjects of Disability and Bullying in society. International Aid and Development formed a big part of their work, and they faced personal challenges which covered everything from the environment to the circle of life, including many of its pitfalls. But most importantly they became a force for good and an encouragement to their communities. As reported in the recent article in the Times Educational Supplement on the project. (See home page of the site)
With the support of Strathclyde Police and the Strathclyde Police Authority, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, The Church of Scotland and many others including community leaders and professional advisors the Goal Kids of 2009/10 reached incredible personal heights and inspired the Caring City Team who had the privilege to work with them, and their Schools. Goal is all about allowing young people to make the most of life, make a real lasting difference, and to become future leaders of their communities, this will be achieved by many of the young folk of this year's graduate group. I have every confidence we will see real talent spring from these children and humanity can only benefit from the compassion, insight and wisdom which Goal 2010 allowed them to bring out.
Albert Einstein wrote: 'I never came to teach my students, only allow them to learn!' Caring City gave them the challenge but it is we worked with them who have learned much from these kids this year, with the most important insight being, the world will be a better place in their hands if they are allowed to reach their full potential.
Rev. Neil Galbraith CEO the Caring City,
My Thanks to the GtCC Education Team, the Sponsors and Mentors, Jackton Police Training Centre, Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Stations, (Greenock, Largs, East Kilbride and Glasgow) The Central Mosque of Glasgow and of course the Schools. Who took part.

  • Hunter Primary East Kilbride
  • St. Leonards Primary East Kilbride
  • Mount Florida Glasgow
  • Kings Park Primary Glasgow
  • Croftfoot Primary Glasgow
  • Hampden Special School Glasgow
  • Brisbane Primary Largs
  • The Children of Cathcart Old Church Glasgow
  • The Parents Group of St. Leonard's Primary East Kilbride

And of course those remarkable Teachers who opened the doors to their classrooms, and joined right in with the journey of hope!

CEO to meet Culture and International Development Minister

Rev. Neil Galbraith CEO of Glasgow the Caring City is to meet with Culture and International Development Minister Fiona Hyslop MSP to discuss Cross out Child Poverty Campaign St. Andrew's Day 2010.
Details of this years events and campaign will be available by the middle of June, anyone group interested in taking part and raising awarness of this important issue should contact: or

Pupils aim to cross out child poverty

School pupi ls have helped a charity launch an ambitious bid to stamp out child poverty in Scotland. Pupils at St Fillan's Primary donned their kilts to spread the word about Glasgow the Caring City's Cross Out Poverty campaign....
Click here to read the full article as a pdf file.

Glasgow the Caring City is proud to be associated with the 'Cross Out Child Poverty in Scotland' campaign

Follow the link above to visit the Cross Out Poverty website. …