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Samaritan School in Haiti

Glasgow the Caring City is proud to announce that the new Good Samaritan School in Haiti will soon be open for lesson, one year on from the devastating earthquake which left 200,000 people dead and over a million homeless.

In the days after the earthquake struck, hundreds of pupils at the Good Samaritan School and their families were left homeless.

With their lives shattered, families slept in makeshift tents in the school grounds and queued for food and water, not knowing if they would ever see missing loved ones again.
We have helped provide shelters, food, fresh water and rebuild the school, along with our partners World Emergency Relief.

Ross Galbraith, international development officer with the charity, said: "It is hard to believe that for the first anniversary the school will be reopening its doors. Construction work began in the autumn and has taken just a few months.

"They now have a new nine-roomed school which will include health facilities, feeding facilities, vocational skills training and health education.

"Each age group will now have their own dedicated classroom and we have gone from being able to teach 500 kids to 700 from the ages of three to 15 and have a wider community of 2000 coming to the centre.
Asides from the vocational subjects, the school will be able to offer lessons in health and hygiene, car mechanics and even driving tuition.

One of our tasks at present is to try and collect a rich and varied selection of books related to Scotland and its heritage. We are asking notable celebrities, politicians, business leaders and those involved with education, local government and the church to donate one book which they feel represents Scotland or their own lives.
These books will be shipped by Glasgow the Caring City to Haiti to raise language skills and literacy levels across the local community in the Cite Soleil area where the school is located. They will eventually be housed in the Caledonia Room, as named by pupils of Lady Alice Primary in Greenock.

Baby Aid

In Burundi, central Africa, the number of young children orphaned by disease is staggering. These children receive care in Glasgow the Caring City supported schools and care homes which bring comfort, help and humanity to the torn lives of these children.

Like kids everywhere the need for clothes and shoes is high and with funds limited to the physical care of the children, clothing is often the least common expenditure.

Glasgow the Caring City is asking the people of our community to help these children in Burundi stay warm, stay healthy and stay clean in order to live long and prosperous lives.

We are directly appealing to you for Baby Clothes, Shoes and Blankets which will provide care and comfort for the babies of Burundi.

The daily temperatures are high and the nightly temperatures low. The differential in climate can be more extreme than we experience here in Scotland. Don't be afraid if your blankets are heavy and the woolly hats too thick, these are perfect for our projects.

Barra's of Hope Hosts

Glasgow the Caring City recently launched its Barra’s of Hope initiative and thus far it has been a great success. However, we need more school, shops, businesses and workplaces to get involved and become members of our regular circuit of organisations benefiting from the project.

The Barras of Hope is a mobile donation bank which doubles as a billboard, highlighting information, news and events from Glasgow the Caring City. The media is all tailored to you, the appeals are tailored to your community and you become a stakeholder in the process of relieving poverty in developing communities across Africa.

To book a Barra for your workplace on a once-off, regular or occasional basis please contact for more details. Our staff will be happy to guide you through the detail of the initiative.


Glasgow the Caring City has recently undergone some strategic changes, which will develop and improve our organisation. As such, we have a list of volunteer positions, which require individuals with a passion and energy to contribute to their global community.

The positions range from online media editors to administration staff, project coordinators and more. Working as a volunteer with Glasgow the Caring City is exceptionally rewarding and a massive challenge, this is why we think you will enjoy working with us.

Positions, hours, locations are all flexible to suit the right candidates. We are a fully inclusive organisation and operate an open structure of management. We feel that you will fit in very nicely at Glasgow the Caring City, so drop us a line and arrange a chat.

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