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Glasgow the Caring City

Glasgow the Caring City is a Scottish charity which supports children in crisis here at home and overseas. We do so by supporting programmes of health, education and security, while working in partnership with local communities, for a sustainable future. We recognise that whole community solutions create stronger environments for children and their families.


Caring for young people living in crisis will often mean supporting programmes which specifically relate to their health. Click on this link to look at three unique case studies which highlight the positive contributions Glasgow the Caring City is making to the health of young people at home and abroad.


Supporting young people, through programmes of education, will lead to long term prosperity and greater community integration. Our aim is to deliver basic education to every child in a partnership programme and offer opportunities for further where possible. Read about three unique case studies of young people excelling through Glasgow the Caring City education initiatives.


Securing a safe, caring and prosperous environment for young people to live in is essential to the principles of good community develop. Security is about the tools for living today and the environment for prosperity tomorrow. Read about the ways in which Glasgow the Caring City is addressing security issues for communities at home and abroad.


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Glasgow the Caring City is a unique charity, focusing on partnerships for development opposed to self-delivering projects.


It's easy to donate to Glasgow the Caring City, whether you'd like to donate money or you would like to donate goods.