Glasgow The Caring City - Projects

Glasgow the Caring City has a Green Policy which influences all areas of our operations, at home and overseas. We believe in strong environmental ethics, education and operation.

Textile recycling represents a significant part of our charity operations and here’s why:

  • Reduce the environmental impacts of textile production including demands of fossil fuels, production of greenhouse gases and demand for virgin materials.
  • Mitigate circumstances which increase the risks of children falling in to forced labour, within the textiles trade
  • Reuse high-grade clothing for humanitarian purposes.
  • Recycling through ethical enterprises waste items which cannot be reused
  • Reduce the overall volumes of waste to landfill and demands created by textile consumptions.

To locate your nearest Glasgow the Caring City community textile recycling point, please use the map below:

View GtCC Textile Recycling & Collection Points in a larger map >