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Local Education Case Study

One of the most successful domestic projects which we have been responsible for is the Give a Kid a Goal Project. Initially started as a way to encourage Scottish Primary 6 and Primary 7 school children to think more responsibly about the issues closest to our hearts it has since become a much more expansive and important part of Glasgow the Caring City.

Now in its third year the Give a Kid a Goal Project has moved beyond just the classroom and now has a significant presence on the HNC Early Education and Childcare qualification. As such it is a program that is now not only being taught to children in school but is also being taught to the teachers who will be teaching it!

Young teachers such as Karen are now learning about the work we do in preparation for passing this knowledge on to younger generations. This sort of grassroots community engagement right here in Scotland is something that we at Glasgow the Caring City are particularly proud of.

International Education Case Study

Education forms a key part of Glasgow the Caring City's development aid strategy and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the work we do in the East African Republic of Burundi.

In Burundi only 57% of children are enrolled in primary education and although this is starting to creep up there remains a huge educational gender divide. This means children like Michel, a seven year old boy, miss out on even the most basic levels of education and as a result are often forced into devastating poverty.

In order to combat this gross injustice, Glasgow the Caring City works closely with its partner organisation Emerge Poverty Free in order to fund the Himbaza School in Burundiís capital city Bujumbara. This means that even the poorest, such as Michel, can gain some education to help avoid falling into an ever increasing cycle of poverty.

Disaster Education Case Study

At just 4 years old, Jelani was excited to begin learning at her new school in Haiti. However, a devastating earthquake struck her local village of Cite Soleil leaving her stricken without a home or any hope of education.

With Glasgow the Caring City's aid and support, the people of Cite Soleil were able to rebuild their lives and their school. Just one year on from the Haitian earthquake, the Good Samaritan school re-opened its doors to children like Jelani.

Jelani, now 5-years old, attends her new school along with 700 other children aged between 3 and 15. She has made new friends and is learning to read, write and has access to hygiene, food and care. Her new school means that hope and education has been restored to Jelani and the daily lives of her community.

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