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Barra's of Hope

The Idea

During the month of May Glasgow the Caring City will be launching our new and unique Barra's of Hope initiative. The project brings information into the heart of your community and provides a direct donation point for you to give unwanted items to poverty relief projects around the world.

The initiative is unique because each Barra contains tailored information for your community, which will update you on your successes, providing visual and factual information of our development programmes and the contributions being made by the people of our City.

Glasgow the Caring City charity is proud to say that we do not recycle your donations of goods into profit. We pride ourselves on being able to provide poor people across the world with access to clean, quality and free clothing. Giving a poor family clothes is a direct step on the ladder to eradicating poverty and building self esteem within communities which is why we choose to continue to give our items for free.

The Barra's of Hope initiative was inspired by the strongly held belief that everyone has the ability to help one another. If we provide you with the right information, a pledge that your donations will directly help someone in a poor community and provide a safe and easy access point for giving then people will take part in our charity activities. Charity should not be about simply giving money at times of need. Not everyone can afford to contribute cash, which is why we continue to provide the type of activity, which is suitable for everyone to participate in.

Book a Barra

You can find out more about Barra's of Hope by contacting Glasgow the Caring City for a chat or why not arrange to meet with us and share our passion for helping humanity.
0141 634 8560 or 0141 637 4168

How It Works

Glasgow the Caring City staff talk you through the variety of projects which we are currently involved with and between us we will identify what kind of things we should be appealing for within your community. For example clothing, baby blankets, sports equipment etc

Once we have agreed upon the nature of the appeal our trained staff will deliver the Barra to your chosen location and install it in a safe and convenient location.

Upon delivery of the Barra, which is approximately 75cm x 90cm x 120cm you will see that there are 4 notice board attached. Each notice board will contain a different poster which highlights what we are appealing for, how it will help communities & some general information on the work of Glasgow the Caring City. Finally a schedule which highlights how long the Barra will be in place is included putting you in control of initiative.

The Barra is tailored to match your desire to participate with our need for your help whilst rewarding everyone with up to date information on our activities

The Benefits

The benefits of this initiative are endless. As a safe public collection point you can provide your congregation, staff or pupils with a direct focal point for information and donations which is uniquely tailored to them.

Moreover as the Barra becomes a regular feature in your location the information will become more tailored to your community focusing on specific achievements and outcomes achieved by your group

The Barra slowly and surely will become an active, safe, easy and integral part of your community life providing a rewarding experience every time.

Be a part of something special

Barra’s of Hope