South Africa Project

Glasgow the Caring City supports MCM through the donation of much needed education, musical, sports, domestic and construction equipment for their various projects.

Our partner Monte Christo Ministries is aware that one of the greatest problems in our communities is idle time. The after school and non-work times can be dangerous moments when poor life choices are made. Alcohol and drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, crime and gang involvement are major problems for which we must provide an alternative. Active participation in sports programs is one of the solutions

When children and young adults are provided sports and leisure opportunities, many positive things can happen. Through the development of clubs, leagues and organized programs, we can reach these valuable individuals and give them something healthy in which to invest their time. It helps the youth turn the corner toward a hopeful future.

MCM programs are meant to reach individuals through sports. Specifically, we are developing and delivering programs that include:

  • Life skills and self-development courses
  • Discipleship small groups
  • Coaching courses for coaches
  • Referee courses for referees
  • Club and League administration and management
  • Equipment and viable, safe locations

As a foundation to our programming, we are in the process of obtaining and developing a sports-oriented community centre in Paarl East.