Zambia Project

Glasgow the Caring City is active in Zambia assisting programmes of wide scale community regeneration.

Priority Areas

Our priorities for assisting are:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Community Resources

What we do

Our development programmes in Zambia focus on the support of families who are at immediate risk and disadvantage due to the incarceration of a parent from that household. The loss of a parent in a home can have severe impact upon the prosperity and safety of the family and their welfare. In Zambia as in many other countries around the world children often find themselves serving a sentence due to the misadventure of a parent and this is why we work with the prisons community, in partnership with other local charities, to support families in this situation.

Our development partnerships are looking at short, medium, and long-term interventions that directly or progressively improve the lives of children. Through local initiative in education, health and food security we can stabilize and support the family unit is such circumstances.

Our projects include

  • Prison and associated community support

Who we work with

In Zambia, we work with:

  • World Emergency Relief UK
  • Prison Fellowship Zambia