Give a kid a goal!

Give a kid a goal! Has been developed to enable children to set themselves a personal target where their efforts make a real difference!

To achieve their own ambitions

To assist a child in a developing nation

To assist their local community

To achieve these goals they have to:

  • Reach a certain personal standard in their chosen topic
  • Commit themselves to finding out as much as possible about a third world project/child and present their findings to an audience
  • Undertake an act of kindness or support for their local community that brings a positive boost to the wellbeing of their community or the people within

`Give a Kid a Goal' is a project that allows kids to make the most of every opportunity on offer and, at the same time, assist a child who is in a less fortunate position than themselves in a developing nation.

By bringing together the resources of the business world, the statutory agencies, the education facilities, the sports industry, politicians and the world of recreation, children can be encouraged to make the most of every opportunity available to them, gain insight into their possible future careers, and enjoy them, while reaching a personal goal in a personalised structured and fun and rewarding fashion.

The generosity of spirit element can either be organising or taking part in community events, participating in a youth organisation, finding out more about their local community, (for example its history?), or responding to an environmental awareness campaign, `Barras' of Hope!

The partnership with the international child can also be a varied and exciting element. It can be making links with a child from a developing nation, supporting the work of an international charity, gathering resources for a village project or even just gathering research and presenting an insight into the life of a partner child, and sharing that experience.

In all of the above, an element of personalised support and back up is provided to get the individual child started with a supportive and mentoring partner made available to each child or group of children.

`It is my belief that we are here for a purpose, to make the most of every opportunity available, to live life to the full and to take a responsible attitude to the world in which we live, especially the welfare of its children. We have to see beyond creed, colour or social prejudices. To respect the rights of the individual to live their life in whatever fashion they choose. We must respect the law and believe in justice and life for everyone.

Gathering as much positive education and insight as desired and show compassion and respect for life at all times. `And if like me you have a faith, use that faith to encourage all of the above and even more in the name of love'.

`I don't ask you to agree or disagree with me, but at least you know where I am coming from and why Caring City made `Goal!' our goal!

Rev. Neil Galbraith CEO of the Charity.