Football4life is a partnership project which supports and promotes the use of football as a direct route from poverty in areas across Africa.

The core principles of football4life are:

  • The promotion of community participation
  • The advancement of education
  • The empowerment of communities
  • The advantages of health

Football, although a key component of this unique approach, is not the primary outcome of the project. Our desire is to see people of all ages become active in their community for the betterment of their social environment.

Football is not simply about playing. The F4L programme focuses on positive influence and the role of the `Coach' as a mentor for change, in the lives of young people. As such our Coaching teams are pivotal to the success of the initiative. Trained to a very high standard in both sports and social development; our coaching staff provide frontline points of contact for young people at risk in their community and provide options for positive change. The coaches look to build young `team members' who are healthy, socially aware, educated and empowered. Football4life is creating a new generation of community superstars.

Of course football is a big part of the programme as well which is why our coaches are trained to the highest level in the most modern coaching techniques. The F4L team consists of advisors from some of the biggest teams in world football, who impart their knowledge of the game and raise the standards of those taking part in the programmes.

Football4life, is already producing tangible outcomes from those taking part. In the host community of Paarl, outside of Cape Town, the number of teen pregnancies has been massively reduced amongst the female participant within the F4L programme. Small, progressive and tangible outcomes from within communities will be the driving force for Football4life in the coming years.

The aim of the F4L project team is to roll out this initiative in several areas across Africa with the potential for satellite initiative in South America. Football is one of the worlds most popular sports, poverty is one of the worlds biggest issues; football4life is the logical solution