Uganda Project

Glasgow the Caring City is active in the provision of aid to the people of Northern Uganda.

Priority Areas

Our priorities for assisting communities are:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Training for Work
  • Integration
  • Community Infrastructure

What we do

Our development programmes in Uganda centre around the rehabilitation of people and their communities providing assets, resources and support for people trying to rebuild their lives after years of civil conflict, under investment and extreme social, economic and cultural neglect.

Our programmes look, mainly, at short to medium term interventions which directly improve local communities. Through localised, stable and functioning communities, long term development can be achieved. We also look to support long-term projects such as education and infrastructure that have direct benefits now and in the future

Our projects include

  • Gulu and Lira School Refurbishment
  • Equipping of Hospitals
  • Drilling Rigs for Water Wells
  • Refugee Rehabilitation
  • Sports in the Community
  • Local Civil Engineering Support
  • Literacy and Numeracy

Who we work with

In Uganda we proudly work with

  • All Nations Christian Care
  • World Emergency Relief UK
  • Vivien Johnson Trust