Matthew's Farm

Matthew's Farm is about celebrating our special day in a way, which will benefit more than just ourselves.

Ikotos, in Southern Sudan is an area, which has been torn by civil war, famine and disease for over 60 years. Matthew's Farm is a project, which will embrace the newly established peace agreement in the region and provide communities with an agricultural training facility, which will teach farming skills to people who have lost their farming heritage due to war & instability.

Matthew's Farm will provide our friends and family with an opportunity to share in our vision. We are not asking you to buy traditional wedding gifts for our special day... instead, we want you to buy gifts which will return tradition and hope to the people of Ikotos and Southern Sudan.

Don't be fooled into believing that people who are hungry, poor and under-resourced are lazy... in fact it's the opposite. We are the lazy ones in today's society who expect others to provide for us by gifting material items on our wedding day… so lets buck this trend and come together to provide this wonderful farm for the people of Southern Sudan.

I hope you catch our vision and help us celebrate in a lasting and beneficial way