Gaza 2009

Glasgow the Caring City became involved, in Gaza, for the first time in January 2009.

We, like many witnessed the devastating force of bombardment carried out in the civilians of Gaza by the Israeli forces. As always, we maintain a stance of showing no political agenda and expecting no in return however we could not stand by and watch innocent children suffer from these acts of war.

Glasgow the Caring City and partners; World Emergency Relief, Minara and the Jordan Medical Corp. have been working together for sometime, providing medical and humanitarian assistance in parts of Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. This established, tried and tested partnership was able to provide rapid relief and assistance to the civilians of Gaza, taking our charity to the frontlines of conflict.

Glasgow the Caring City was integral to the logistics of despatching medical supplies, via airfreight, to our Jordan partners in Amman. The Jordanian teams were able to rapidly deliver those supplies into Gaza under a safe-flag of Jordan, brining with them a fully equipped and mobile hospital facility. The partnership was able to delivery a 10-day triage and medical service for injured civilians ranging from surgery and emergency response, through to counselling services and bereavement advice.

As a partnership we worked rapidly, efficiently and effectively for the civilian of Gaza and the provision of relief.

In addition, Glasgow the Caring City adopted the role of a coordinating body, here in Scotland, working with the top international development charities, devising a plan of action and consulting on the necessary information and guidance coming to us from our ‘on the ground’ teams. The joint response by the Scottish Charities, either in practical activity or support, set a benchmark for future disaster response from Scotland.