Burundi Project

Glasgow the Caring City is active in Burundi assisting programmes of wide scale community regeneration.

Priority Areas

Our priorities for assisting are:

  • Education
  • Food
  • Health
  • Community Resources

What we do

In Burundi, Glasgow the Caring City contributes to a partnership which focuses on the care of children and the welfare of minority communities.

The instability of this region, primarily associated to the conflict zones across Congo, has resulted in a massively high volume of orphans many of whom live on the streets or in families who are at risk due to socio-economic issues. Providing primary care in the forms of health, food, education, and hygiene is essential to the stabilization of this problem.

Our development partnerships are looking at short, medium, and long-term interventions that directly or progressively improve the lives of children and minority communities. Through initiatives such as the CRIB and New Hope orphanages we can provide direct, in-house support for those in care whilst supporting community outreach initiatives. Through practical support of the minority Batwa communities, a traditional nomadic culture, we can sustain their needs for medical care, food, and education in periods where conflicts restrict their traditional ways. Finally, through our ongoing support of investments to education at primary, secondary and higher levels, we can sustain investments in communities which will ultimately lift prosperity in communities blighted by conflict and adversity

Our projects include

  • CRIB (Children Rescued in Burundi) Orphanage
  • New Hope Orphanage
  • Himbaza School
  • Batwa Minority Community Support

Who we work with

In Burundi, we work with:

  • World Emergency Relief UK
  • African Relief Ministries (ARM)