Southern Sudan Project

Glasgow the Caring City is active in Southern Sudan assisting programmes of wide scale community regeneration.

Priority Areas

Our priorities for assisting are:

  • Education
  • Training
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Integration
  • Community Infrastructure

What we do

Our development programmes in Southern Sudan focus on the rehabilitation and stabilisation of communities who have experienced civil unrest for generations. Our aim is to provide assets, resources and support for communities striving for improvements to infrastructure and developing initiatives to increase socio-economic productivity.

Our development partnerships are looking at short, medium and long term interventions which directly or progressively improve communities. Through locally empowered, stabilised and functioning communities the long term goal of positive change will be achieved. Our priority areas include education, health and agriculture which represent the three main issues in community at present.

Our projects include

  • Matthews Farm agricultural training initiative
  • Ikotos Hospital Refurbishment
  • Ikotos School Modernisation
  • Remote Transport Provision
  • Infrastructure Development including Water wells

Who we work with

In Southern Sudan we work with:

  • World Emergency Relief UK
  • All Nations Christian Care
  • Private Funding by Matthews Farm Custodians