Pakistan Project

Glasgow the Caring City is active in Pakistan supporting the modernisation of social services & community safety.

Priority Areas

Our priorities for assisting are:

  • Training
  • Safety
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Response
  • Healthcare

What we do

Our development programmes in Pakistan are long established and focus on complementing the social and civil response services in Lahore. Our aim is to provide complementary resources which will develop the capacity of the city to respond in times of emergency or disaster.

Our partnerships focus in short and medium term investments which will progressively lead to long term improvements in services such as Policing, Primary Health Care and Fire Safety & Rescue. Our goal is to match the needs of the civil authorities in Lahore with UK partners in a position to address the requirements. In a facilitation capacity, Glasgow the Caring City is contributing to the long term prosperity of Lahore.

Our projects include

  • 2 Fire Trucks with Lahore Fire & Rescue Service
  • Specialised Rescue & Recover Equipment
  • Training and Modernisation of Services
  • 1 Remote Region Primary Healthcare Vehicle
  • Clinic Refurbishment & Remote Healthcare
  • Policing Infrastructure

Who we work with

In Pakistan we work with:

  • Lahore Fire & Rescue Service
  • Local Healthcare Partnerships
  • Lahore Policing Command.