Sri Lanka Project

Priority Areas

Our priorities for assisting communities are:

  • Health
  • Training for Work
  • Frontline Services
  • Community Infrastructure

What we do

In Sri Lanka our work concentrates on the redevelopment of social and physiological services in communities worst hit by the 2004 Tsunami.

Our focus for Sri Lanka is on short to medium term investments in projects, which are adopted and sustained through local and economic investment.

Sri Lanka, a country in much need of aid prior to the Tsunami, has an economic infrastructure ideal for enterprise development that is one of our key focus areas. In partnership with local community members, we successfully launched shops, hotel and restaurants enabling local enterprise and regeneration to commence. Further investments in the fishing and transport industry were also successful.

In addition a centre for local health, training and enterprise was established at Lion House which focuses on community needs at a local level and provided 'satellite' workshops in host communities around Southern Sri Lanka.

Summary project outline:

  • Raka 'Lion' House Development
  • Equipping of emergency services
  • Investment in Agriculture, Fisheries and Transport
  • Small-to-Medium Size Enterprise
  • Medical Services/li>
  • Local Training Programmes
  • Youth Development Programme

Who we work with

In Sri Lanka we proudly work with

  • The Wickes Trust
  • World Emergency Relief UK
  • Bill Bryson Esq.